Work Packages

Ethics (WP1)

This work package is led by project coordinators University of Groningen and ensures that project activities fully adhere to ethics requirements, including identifying and mitigating or eliminating any risks of possible harm to the environment.

Techno-economic evaluation (WP2)

ABC-Salt will develop a process to generate liquid fuels from biomass in an efficient and economical way. Led by DLR, the aims of work package two is to ensure the technology developed during ABC-Salt is technologically, economically, socially and environmentally relevant. The WP will consider the techno-economic, socio-economic and environmental evaluation together with critical steps taken, as well as socio-economic and acceptance study. 

Primary liquefaction (WP3)

Led by NMBU the targeted objectives of this work package (WP3) will be to select the feedstock supply and the molten salts. Feedstocks will be selected to represent typical, low cost supplies, readily available in Europe, while molten salt or salt mixtures will be chosen on basis of chemical and physical properties.

Any enquiries related to WP3 should be directed to Dr. Heidi Nygard

Hydro-pyrolysis in molten salts (WP4)

Led by the University of Gent, the fundamentals of hydro-pyrolysis of biomass in molten salts will be investigated, deriving reaction mechanisms to reveal the best conditions for carrying out molten salt hydro-pyrolysis, with the liquid product yield and quality as key performance indicators. Main objective is to identify suitable process conditions for hydro-pyrolysis.

Any enquiries related to WP4 should be directed to Prof. Frederik Ronsse

Hydro de-oxygenation (WP5)

Led by BTG the refining of oils produced from biomass by cracking in molten salts baths will be studied to optimise the bio-liquid as feed to produce middle distillates.

Any enquiries related to WP4 should be directed to Dr. Robbie Venderbosch

Demonstration of integrated concept (WP6)

On basis of the results of WP3 to 6, an integrated lab scale reactor will be built to demonstrate the overall process to transform the selected feeds into middle distillates biofuels. Expected scale is around 100g/h.

Any enquiries related to WP6 should be directed to Dr. Ir. Jos G. M. Winkelman

Communication, dissemination, outreach activities and exploitation (WP7)

Work package 7, led by Aston University with the involvement of all partners aims to maximise the impact of the ABC-Salt project, by a well thought series of dissemination, exploitation and outreach activities. 

Any enquiries related to WP7 should be directed to WP7 team at Aston University.

Project Management (WP8)

ABC-Salt’s project management work package (WP8) is led by the University of Groningen supported by Benkai. This work package oversees all coordinative aspects . 

Any enquiries related to WP8 should be directed to Prof. Erik Heeres

This project has received funding
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