Benkei join ABC-Salt

Congratulations to our Project Manager Laurence Naglin for her succesful transition from Ayming to Benkei.

Keen to retain such expertise Laurence has continued her commitment to ABC-Salt by transitioning our project partnership with her to Benkei.

Benkei (pronounced ben-ke-i) is a warrior monk companion of the samurai Minamoto no Yoshitsune. Generally described as very strong and loyal, he is one of the favourite subjects of Japanese folklore. Although his existence is proven, nowadays it is impossible to distinguish truth from legend in the stories of his life.

As a consulting firm, Benkei wishes to be inspired by the values of loyalty and honour of this legendary character, and his ability to “put himself at the service of…”

ABC-Salt are keen to contribute to her success in this new adventure.

Congratulations Laurence and welcome on board Benkei