Spring School

ABC-Salt in conjunction with DLR and
COMSYN Biofuels present


17 – 19 March 2021

Stuttgard, Germany

ABC-Salt, DLR and COMSYN Biofuels are excited to bring this 3-day workshop to PHD Students and Young Researchers from ALL DISCIPLINES, from Social to Natural Sciences and Engineering


Lectures on International and European perspectives on 2nd generation biofuels

Presentations covering the basics of 2nd generation biofuel technology in ABC-Salt and COMSYN

Pitch presentation of your own research

Creativity session to elaborate promising topics to improve the scientific outcome of your own research

Lectures on structuring and setting up projects with high impact

Interactive workshop on formulating a project idea based on the strengths of your group and setting up your project while thinking about technical challenges and risks


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This project has received funding
 from the European Union’s Horizon
2020’s research and innovation
programme under grant agreement
number 764089

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