I hope this finds you and your families well during these unprecedented times.

It is my real pleasure to provide the foreword to the second newsletter of the ABC-Salt project which you can read here. The newsletter has a new look and will take readers to our project website where all the articles below are published in full. 

ABC-Salt started nearly two years ago and very good progress has been made, both in the technical and non-technical domain. I would like to share some highlights with you. We have performed extensive technical studies on a small scale on the individual steps of the integrated concept to obtain middle distillates from waste biomass streams using an integrated concept involving the use of molten salts.
For instance, the preferred salts have been selected and tested. Initial design studies have been performed and techno and socio-economic studies have been initiated. The collaboration between the various partners is excellent, they all actively participate in the meetings and have held intermediate meetings with relevant partners discussing technical and non-technical challenges in a very effective manner.
This has led to a good team spirit and a “we-feeling” which will be highly beneficial to meet all project objectives and milestones. The ABC-Salt Summer School was a great success, with over 50 participants at Aston University’s premises in Birmingham, UK. We organised an interesting programme with a good balance of technical, non-technical and lively social events. The first scientific publications in peer reviewed journals are currently being prepared and are expected to be submitted soon.

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Let me finish by wishing you all the best. Stay safe. Erik Heeres, Project Co-ordinator