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June 2022

Expert Workshop Announced

ABC-Salt is proud to present an expert workshop on

Advanced Transport Fuels from Waste Biomass using Pyrolysis Technology

at the

University of Groningen, Netherlands

Please click the poster to read more and register!

Feb 2022

Presentation Alert

Sepideh Niazi, PhD Researcher based in NMBU had the honour of presenting at the online conference Molten Salts 2021.

Please click the images to see Sepideh’s presentation and contact details should you wish to discuss the research and publication in greater detail. Congratualtions Sepideh!




Feb 2022

Publication Alert

Congratulations to our partners at NMBU and DLR for the writing and publication of their article “Thermal stability, hydrolysis and thermodynamic properties of molten KCl-CuCl”

Read more on this article and see other published articles produced by the ABC-Salt partners by visitng out Publications Page

Jan 2022

23rd Edition of the International Conference on Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis is coming! 

The PYRO conference in Ghent was due to take place in 2020, but in the light of the unpredictable course of the covid-19 pandemic, the Organzing committee decided to postpone it to 2022. As announced earlier the program will consist of an number of invited keynote talks – we are happy to inform you that all keynote speakers have reconfirmed their presence – and a number of oral presentations selected back in 2020.  Click the image to find out how to get involved!

Jan 2022

Publication Alert

Our partners at Sapienza University of Rome have been very busy writing two new articles!

Visit our Publications Page to read the articles in full, you can also see all the articles produced by ABC-Salt so far…


Jan 2022

ABC-Salt reaches the 17th Congress of the Italian Psychological Association (AIP), Social Psychology section

CIRPA attended the national congress of the Italian Association of Psychology with a contribution named “The acceptance of sustainable technology: mapping of the technological, contextual and social-psychological determinants of biofuels acceptance from EU stakeholders within the sustainability field” (scheduled within the Symposium on “Social psychology contribution in public engagement processes and the importance of public engagement for social psychology”, held on Tuesday 14th September 2021 in Brescia, Italy). Click on the image to read more the team involved who wrote a paper on the qualitative study within task 2.5 in Work Package 2


Jan 2022

Keynote speech on biofuels adoption from the ABC-Salt project at IAPS International symposium 2021

Our partners at CIRPA have been very busy delivering their first full key note speech on behalf of ABC-Salt.

The IAPS International Association for People-Environment Studies held its Sustainability Network International Symposium on “Sustainability in the Post-Covid era: Challenges and Opportunities in the face of Climate Change and the Energy Transition” at A Coruña (Spain), on September 29th – October 1st, 2021. Click on Image to read more about the event and view the keynote speech delivered by Prof Marino Bonaiuto.


Jan 2022

Getting to Know You: Laurence Naiglin

Laurence Naiglin is one of our esteemed project partners and consultants in ABC-Salt. We asked her a few questions around her participation in ABC-Salt and the route that led her to us. Click the image to find out more 


Jan 2022

Welcome to Benkei who have taken over over from Ayming

Click on Image to read more

Nov 2020

November 2020 update by Project Lead, Prof. Eric Heeres

Click on image to read more 


Nov 2020

ABC-Salt has published its first  first scientific, peer reviewed article 

PhD researcher Sepideh Niazi has become the first participant of ABC-Salt to produce a published paper, supervised by associate professor Heidi S. Nygård and co-supervised by professor Espen Olsen.

‘Hydrolysis of eutectic compositions in the ZnCl2:KCl:NaCl ternary system and effect of adding ZnO’  is related to Task 3.2: Molten salt selection in WP3 – Primary liquefaction

Click on image to read more


Oct 2020

Update from research student Balaji Sridharan in Groningen – Lockdown Edition 

During lockdown, we have been speaking to various partners and teams within ABC-Salt. Balaji Sridharan is a research student. We asked him about the work he and his team have been doing during lockdown.


Click on image to read more 

Oct 2020

Fabienne Brutin

Update from project consultant Fabienne Brutin’s in Ayming – Lockdown Edition

During lockdown, we have been speaking to various partners and teams within ABC-Salt. Fabienne Brutin is our Project Consultant from Ayming in France. We asked her what impact Covid-19 has had on her research and consulting  experience. Click on image to read more.

Jul 2020

Update from PhD Student Adriana Estrada Leon, University of Ghent – Lockdown Edition 

During lockdown, we have been speaking to various partners and teams within ABC-Salt. Adriana Estrada Leon is a PhD researcher at the University of Ghent. We asked her what impact Covid-19 has had on her research. Click on image to read more.

Jun 2020

Update from project partner Prof Marion Bonaiuto, CIRPA – Lockdown Edition


CIRPA, the Interuniversity Research Centre in Environmental Psychology, is a partner within the EC H2020 ABC-Salt Consortium. It is in charge of Task 2.5 within Work Package 2. CIRPA provides expertise on environmental and social psychology. During lockdown, ABC-Salt asked CIRPA to reflect on its role within ABC-Salt and on the future of biofuels research. Click on image to read Prof Marino Bonaiuto’s thoughts…



Dec 2019

ABC-Salt Work Package Updates 

Click on image to read more

Dec 2019

Delegates from the ABC-Salt Summer School held at Aston University, UK, August 2019

ABC-Salt’s First Summer School: A succesful public networking event

The ABC-Salt Research Consortium was proud to host the project’s first Summer School in August 2019 on “Advanced thermochemical conversion biomass technologies“. 

Click on image to read more about the themes of this fantastic 3 day event, who attended and the themes.

Dec 2019

Regina Siu Poster EUBCE 2019

ABC-Salt researchers share project results at conferences across Europe

Click on image to read more about ABC-Salt  appearances at EUBCE, Renewable Resources & Biorefineries Conference and the 2nd Edition Symposium on Chemical Research.

Nov 2019

Italy’s 16th Psychological Association Congress: CIRPA and ABC-Salt

ABC-Salt researchers from CIRPA (Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca in Psicologia Ambientale) attended the national congress of the Italian Association of Psychology in Rome this September, with a contribution called ‘An innovative procedure to promote the social acceptance of technologies in the sustainability field‘. It was scheduled within the section, ‘Sustainability and environmental psychology’

Click on image to find out more about ABC-Salts contribution… 

Nov 2019

Studying Biofuels adoption: CIRPA at ABC-Salts Summer School

During the ABC-Salt Summer School on ‘Advanced Thermochemical Conversion Biomass Technologies,’ held at Aston University in the UK, the Interuniversity Research Centre on Environmental Psychology in Italy (CIRPA) offered an in-depth look at the objectives and implementation methods of an interdisciplinary approach to techno-economic evaluation, considering socio-economic and environmental aspects. Click on image to read more

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