The ABC-SALT general assembly took place in September 2022. The General Assembly is a meeting where each work packages gets to share and have their successes celebrated. With so many work packages, it can be easy to lose track of what others in the consortium are up too. Click on the image to see the General Assembly in pictures.

Hosted the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, the GA took place over two days.

This first day is a meeting where each Work Package shares their triumphs and discomforts with other members of the consortium. This gives every the opportunity to both praise and challenge the work produced. Praise to celebrate accomplishments and challenge to ensure the research is robust.

 The second day, a wonderful tour around the laboratories of the University of Groningen.

There are many benefits to European collaboration projects. The most valuable – the opportunity to network and be surrounded by people who share the same interests at similar academic levels and the ability to share facilities. Equipment can cost hundreds of thousands of Euros, therefore it is not possible for one facility to own and maintain all the equipment required to do research at this level.