A very warm welcome to the Horizon 2020 Project ABC-Salt.

It is my real pleasure to provide the foreword to the third newsletter of the ABC-Salt project which you can read here

We have now arrived at month 30 of the project and made considerable progress, both in the technical and social domain.

I have put together an update on the project so far: click here for news

A project can only be successful with excellent collaboration between the partners. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, which is hampering progress considerably due to limited or even complete inaccessibility of laboratories, we have been able to maintain good communication by online progress meetings including social activities (among other an escape room battle),  the organization of a very successful online expert workshop on the hydrotreatment of bioliquids and intense contacts of our communication group with a partner project on the organization of a Spring School in 2021.

A number of these activities and the impact of COVID-19 on project progress and the well being of our researchers is also provided in the newsletter below.
I hope you enjoy reading the newsletter, please share it on social media, and keep safe!

 Erik Heeres
Project Co-ordinator