We invite to this workshop all Industrial developers in the bioenergy fields, Academic and industrial researchers, Transport and aviation fuel producers and brokers, Bio-fuel end-users, Policymakers and business partners, EU/INEA projects’ members, Representatives of public authorities and others.


Presentations by industrial and scientific stakeholders


  •              Pyrolysis
  •              Hydrothermal Liquefaction
  •              Sugar Fractionations
              •              Bio-liquids upgrading
              •                     Hydrotreatment
              •                     Hydrodeoxygenation
              • Presentation on European innovation policy
            • Discussion panel and networking opportunities 
  • Objectives:
  • Identify technical “bottlenecks” and challenges in bio-liquids upgrading at different levels (from molecular to process level)
  • Identify non-technical challenges
  • Foster networking, knowledge exchange and future collaboration between participants
  • Promote INEA projects and engage participants with the ABC-Salt Research Consortium

Confirmed Speakers

Doug Elliot (PNNL)

Robbie Venderbosch (BTG)

Dmitry Murzin (Åbo Akademi)

Gert-Jan Gruter (Avantium)

Erik Heeres (RUG/ABC-Salt Horizon 2020 project)

This project has received funding
 from the European Union’s Horizon
2020’s research and innovation
programme under grant agreement
number 764089

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